Changed DOB On Aadhar, Man Tried To Appear In The Army Selection, Caught


A man was caught who created a replica of his Aadhar Card with a changed Date Of Birth for the Army selection. A report has been filed against him in the Atalband Police Station. As per the report, the army selection officials got a telephone call about a candidate who was trying to appear in the selection with fake documents.

In the documents recovered, the man named Ratan Singh changed in date of birth from 5, May, 1998 to 1, January, 1999. A further enquiry is going on to know if any of the other candidates has used such fake documents.

The physical running test is going on in for the army selection in the Lohagarh Stadium of Bharatpur. A total of 5673 candidates were called up for the test, out of which 4338 appeared and only 435 got successful.

It is an issue to look out for that the candidates are trying to use malpractices to get into various exams.

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