District Administration To Shut More Than 10 Motor Driving Schools


Government recently issued new guidelines for Motor Driving Schools. If not followed those guidelines, then many of the driving schools will be shut by the administration.

There are various motor driving schools operating in the city, out of all those, only 8 to 10 are registered but none of them is following the criteria set by the government and also, there are a few motor driving schools in the city which are not even registered.

Lots of complains have come under notice like no proper theory classes are being taken, untrained drivers teaching the aspirants, no information of road signs are being given to the trainees. This can result in serious causes like road accidents and can cost someone’s life as well. Regional Transport Office has shown serious concerns while releasing licenses and they are now ready to take action against the improper Motor Driving Schools.

For upgrading to the new criteria these institutions are being given time till October and then a serious checking and action falls ahead of that.

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