Bharatpur To Enjoy Better Internet Speed, BSNL To Install 25 New Mobile Towers


Government’s telecom company BSNL is all set to install high speed BTS on 25 3G mobile towers in the city. Along with this, telecom company will also install BTS on the 8 towers which were standing without the BTS device from more than a year.

As per the officials, this new move by the company will enhance the speed of internet up to 4 times resulting in better connectivity and high speed mobile calling. Currently the users are being provided the speed of 2 Mbps which will increase to 8 Mbps.

With the dramatic increase in the usage of internet in last few years, common people have become dependent on it in many ways. That is why a better internet facility is must these days. Hope this news will bring rejoice to all the users who were complaining about low internet speed.

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