That’s Our Bharatpur After The Heavy Rainfall


Various parts of Rajasthan are witnessing ample amount of rainfall from last 2 days. Bharatpur also witness the same. On one hand, rain poured relief to the people of the city, but on the other hand the ill managed drainage system clearly came into visibility when water started overflowing in the Jama Masjid Market.

Apart from this, overflow of water on the road has been seen in various parts of the city including Ranjeet Nagar, Rajendra Nagar, Basan Gate, Kumher Gate, Gopalgarh, etc. This has directly affected the daily routine of the city. It became difficult to even step outside the home in various areas. Many shops remained close and even some of the shops flooded with water as they were below the ground level. All this has disturbed the life of the citizens.

Hope the district administration comes into action and help the people of the city with appropriate aids.

Below you will find the seven tips, great source I am pretty sure they will be useful.