BESL Up With 88 New Transformers, Claims To Bring Power Stability In The City


Bharatpur Electric Services Limited is installing 88 new transformers in the city. Out of these, 68 transformers are already installed in the city. Survey is being conducted regarding the placement of rest 20 transformers.

A total of 56,000 electricity connections are there in the city. As per the new system, in 96% of the new electricity connections are released on the same day of depositing the connection fees.

Vigilance team is also keeping a close eye on the prevention of illegal consumption of electricity.

“BSEL is doing every possible practice to stop the wastage and the illegal consumption electricity. Due to increase in the awareness in common people, the wastage of electricity has reduced a lot. We will gather and install enough assets to improve the system in the city.” – Ashok Sharma, Communication Officer.

Hope this cuts down the electricity problems in the city.


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